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The List of the Offered Services

Advantages and the Details*

Tariffs, UAH


The Business Valuation (using the different approaches)


The short time of the fulfillment of the project.  The experience in the valuation of the business of the enterprises of the different areas of business.





The Study of the Market, the Valuation of the Prospects of Business, the Restructuring of the Activity



The study of all types of the resources, owned by the company, will lead to the most optimal way of the reaching of the objectives.  The client receives the qualified motivated references regarding the most efficient ways of the conduct of the business and the minimization of the risks.





The Express Diagnostics of the Financial Condition of the Enterprise



Quite often, the expertise, conducted by the independent consultant, helps to additionally discover the “hidden” problems in the work of the enterprise.




The Optimization of the Business Processes



The job cuts are the urgent and the painful issue for many managers of the enterprises. The reports and the recommendations of the independent consultants on the construction of the optimal organizational structure may serve the ground for the adoption by the top management of the comprehensive solutions on the job cuts.




The Conduct of the Complex Due Diligence of the Enterprise:

The legal due diligence

The due diligence of the financial reporting

The tax due diligence

The organizational and management due diligence



The short-terms of the fulfillment of the project; the experience of the making of the comprehensive due diligence of the enterprises of the different areas of business. The report includes the conclusions on the main risks of the enterprise, and the ways on their minimization.




* Languages the Ukrainian, Russian, English.



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