By researcher, Olexander Babanin (ISBN 978-966-322-155-7, language: the Ukrainian).

KYIV -- A new book by researcher, author and educator Olexander Babanin, is a candid and practical guide for public servants, researchers and students who are interested in the international economics as well as U.S. investors and companies looking to expand into Ukraine.
Mr. Babanin, Expert at Open Society Foundation in Kyiv, developed research projects for a broad range of companies, municipalities and institutions.


Ukraine-U.S.A.: Economic Cooperation, published by the Ukrainian Printing Academy, combines basic economic and business information along with practical insights. The 334-page book examines the five important areas of Ukraine-U.S. cooperation, including trade, investments, international technical assistance, energy and science.

The book presents both the pros and the cons of entering the Ukrainian market and provides helpful resources to those intending to understand the process and grasp the possibilities.

In the book a number of problems that hinder the implementation of the Ukraine-U.S. Charter on Strategic Partnership, dated December 19, 2008, is considered.


The need to settle promptly the investment disputes between Ukraine and the United States is stressed. The delay to settle dispute with the OPIC in the «Alliant Kyiv» case during 1998-2011 caused serious damage to Ukraine's international reputation, it cost the national economy billions of dollars in lost foreign investments.

The problem of increasing energetic efficiency in Ukraine is examined. Achieving the higher level of energy security is a crucial question for the Ukrainian economy.


The examples of successful cooperation between Ukrainian and U.S. scientists and engineers are considered.  It is emphasized that commercialization of research should be the most effective engine of economic growth in Ukraine.

”Ukraine-U.S.A.: economic cooperation” is about economic data, obstacles and perspectives of the bilateral cooperation. It also contains
a list of bilateral treaties, agreements and memoranda of statements that constitute the legal framework of Ukrainian-American relations, and a full text of the Charter of the Strategic partnership between Ukraine and the USA, dated December 19, 2008. 


The monograph by Dr. Olexander Babanin which is recommended by the Scientific Board of the National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” opens a new direction in the Ukrainian economic literature, since it is the first complex study of the bilateral cooperation of Ukraine’s economy with the world’s largest U.S. economy.


Agora Magazine, in a review, calls the book "essential reading for any U.S. business looking to expand into Ukraine or people interested in the improvement of the bilateral relations." Ukraine-U.S.A.: economic cooperation”, published by Ukrainian Academy of Printing, is available for $12.95 softcover from Multiprofile-service Ltd ( or call at 380 67 4019374.)  

Olexander Babanin is a qualified researcher with over 30 years of R&D experience. He has worked as a programmer for the Institute of Cybernetics (Kyiv, Ukraine) and has served as an advisor to a number of research organizations such as the Harvard Institute for International Development, the International Finance Corporation, the UN Development Project, and the Global Development Network, etc.

Dr. Babanin holds a PhD in Statistics from the Department of Cybernetics at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University and a MA in Economics from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

The monograph overviews the present-day issues of the economic cooperation of Ukraine and of the USAthe leading and one of the most dynamic counties of the World.

The book is the first work, which gathered and fully analyzed all aspects of the cooperation of Ukraine and the USA in the area of the trade, investment, the technical assistance, energy, and the scientific-and-technical activity.  The analysis is provided to the whole range of the issues, which are the obstacles of the implementation of the Charter of Ukraine and the USA on the Strategic Partnership, dated December 19, 2008.

 Recommended to the scientists and PhD candidates, the teachers of the higher educational institutions, specializing in the international relationship and economics, as well as to everyone, interested in the Ukrainian and the US Economy.

 The Monograph is recommended for printing by the Scientific Board of the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy(protocol, as of October 21, 2010, # 8).


Mr. Shevchuk V. A., PhD in Economics, Professor, Pro-Rector, Lviv Commercial Academy;

Mr. Yastremskyj O I., PhD in Economics, Professor, Head of Department of the Ukrainian National University of the Finance and of the International Trade;

Mr. Palyha E.M., PhD in Economics, Professor, Head of Department of the Ukrainian Academy of Book Printing.

UDK 339.94,

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BBK 65.5


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